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Before you contact leasing agent who is representing landlord only, you should understand how commercial leases differ from the more common residential variety.
Before you make final commitment,  make sure you understand and agree with the many different terms and guide lines.
Most of the time, Leasing agent, who representing the landlord, working only for the landlord, so it is very simple understanding that you need someone who can assist you for your own benefit.

How Commercial Leases is Different

  • No Set rule on negotiation.Commercial Leases’ negotiation is differ from residential lease due to building, unit location, unit location, and many different variety of aspects. result of those, same building and same size of the space’s rate can be differ from each other.
  • Fewer consumer protection laws.Commercial leases are not subject to most consumer protection laws because it is not govern by HUD.
  • No standard forms.Many commercial leases are not based on a standard form or agreement; each commercial lease is tailored to the landlord's wants and needs. Therefore, you need to carefully review every commercial lease agreement offered to you by real estate broker and Lawyer.
  • Long-term and binding.You cannot easily break or change a commercial lease. It is a legally binding contract that you are guaranteeing to pay the rent for the whole term of the lease, and a good deal of money is usually at stake. General leases are 3, 5,or 10 years of commitment.
  • Tenant Improvement. Because each business is unique, each business owner has different floor plan for their business. Many time landlord will provide Tenant Improvement Money to business owner for hosting reputable and good faith tenant.
  • City Code. Each city has different requirement for each different business. It needs to be considered prioer to leasing a space.


Making Sure the Lease you received is what you deserved

  • Rate:Make sure that landlord’s offering rate is reasonable.
  • Lease type:NNN lease, Gross Lease, or Modified lease
  • Lease bump:Is the lease rate going up any time soon? If it is, how much?
  • T.I.:Tenant Improvement amount is provided from the Landlord and how much?
  • Location:Any obstacle that block your business sign. If it is office, is the building easily findable to your clients.
  • Length of the lease:Usually landlord does not wants to provide long term lease to weak tenant but prefer long term lease with creditable big company.
  • Sign:Sign requirement is provided from the landlord, so it is very important to discuss prior to your commitment.
  • Default, late fee,relocation, etc: There are many things to consider above price and rate.


We are specialized on

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